Budget Wedding 101

When you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering, is it even possible to hold a wedding while staying on a budget? And yes, it’s possible as long as you know how to do so. We get it though, a marriage is supposed to be grand, but perhaps you have other plans, such as using the money for a memorable honeymoon rather than for a wedding that lasts only for a day. In this article, we’re going to help you on how to plan your wedding while also keeping your budget in check because you don’t want to be in debt when you just got married right?

Create a Budget List

checklistBefore you make reservations and everything, a simple way to stay on budget is to do some research on venues, dress, and even saloons. This way, you’ll know how much you have to save, and how much you’re going to have to pay.

For example, a venue is usually the most significant expense in wedding, but is there any other way to cut down on the venue cost and allocate it to the catering? By making this list, you’ll be prepared and will hopefully stay in budget. Here’s a columbia bridal salon that can help you with the wedding dress and salon services.


designCreating an invitation for the guests can gobble your budget and, to make things worse, they’ll only end up in the trash can once your wedding is over, so consider switching to e-invites. This solution is a zero-waste solution, and it doesn’t cost as much as creating invitations for the guests. You can hire freelance designers to do your e-invites if you’re not a pro at designs.

College Performers

Instead of trying to get a band for live music during your performance, you can always ask for college students to perform at your wedding. They’ll be much cheaper, and you’re helping them chase their dream. A tip from us is to listen to them play a few songs, and decide whether they’re to your liking or not.

Cheap Catering

The same goes for catering. Instead of hiring expensive catering for your wedding, you can do the catering yourself if possible or hire a family-owned restaurant, which can be cheaper and surprisingly much tastier than expensive catering. Remember, don’t force yourself to tire yourself to do the catering; we are trying to stay on the budget but your health for your grand day is important as well.…

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Best tips when buying rings for women

Purchasing a promise ring is one of the most significant purchases that you will ever make in your life. That is why you need to have everything in place so that you purchase the perfect promise ring for your spouse. It is not just about walking into a jewelry store and selecting a ring. You must look at different factors to ensure that you purchase the right rings. Since information is power, this article tends to inform on the various areas that are critical when purchasing the rings. For the best promise rings for women click on the highlighted link.



The cost of the promise ring is the most critical aspect when you are thinking of purchasing one. This is because there are different types of rings made of various materials that have different pricing. Before you even step into the jewelry shop, you ought to know what you can afford as far as the purchase of the ring is concerned. You can walk in various shops and even search online for the type of the promise ring that you will be able to afford.


When purchasing the promise ring, it is important to purchase it from a credible dealer. This is one of the surest ways of ensuring that you buy a fabulous jewelry. Since most websites have some website of social media pages, you can always search for them online before deciding on which store to buy your rings. Avoid the jewelry stores with negative feedback since chances are that you might be subjected to the similar treatment. You can also ask for references from your friends and colleagues


The promise rings come in various materials. There are some that are made of gold and silver whereas there are some that have been merely coated. The golden promise rings are costlier than the silver promise rings. Golden ones have more luster than the silver ones and are more prestigious. However, if you decide to choose the golden one, then you should be ready to part with a substantial amount of money.

Size of the finger


It is always important to buy rings that correctly fits your spouse. Buying an oversized ring may lead to its lose just like buying a ring that does not fit perfectly in one’s finger. Make sure that you know the right size of the finger of your spouse before you decide to make the purchase.


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wine spills

Why Consider Carpet Restoration?

Carpet restoration is quite different from carpet cleaning. Restoration takes place in cases when the carpet is completely damaged. When water has damaged the carpet during flooding, you need more than carpet cleaning. The best thing to do at this point is to call a carpet restoration company.

The carpet restoration company will assess the level of damage and make a recommendation on how to repair the carpet. Restauration de tapis will give your carpet a new appearance because it is all about doing a complete overhaul. Here are some reasons to consider carpet restoration:

Water Extraction

removing carpet from floorIf you have experienced flooding in your house, the first step should be to get rid of the water. The water extraction process should be done as fast as possible to minimize damage. You need to remember any delays might cause further damage to the carpet, and it will be difficult to restore it.

It is advisable to do water extraction in the first 48 hours to prevent any damage. Water restorations have all it takes to get rid of water in the carpet. The restoration experts will use water pumps and any other machines available to extract the water.

Anti-microbial Treatments

Like you already know, carpet restoration is not just simply carpet cleaning. During the process of restoration, anti-microbial treatments will be done. The role of this treatment is to get rid of mold that tends to grow after water damage.

You need to remember that mold is stubborn and straightforward carpet cleaning will not get rid of mold. It is essential to go an extra mile and do anti-microbial treatments that will help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

Eliminate Foul Smells

carpet removalHave you ever noticed the foul smell in your carpet that never seems to go? That smell can only be eliminated using carpet restoration. You need to clean the carpet using specific enzymes and detergents that break the bond and help with removing foul odors from your carpet.

The normal carpet cleaning will not work and cannot eliminate foul odors. Restoration needs to be done by carpet experts with skills and experience.

Remove Germs and Bacteria

Your carpet carries a lot of germs and bacteria. A dirty carpet is a health hazard, and it might cause a lot of diseases and infections.

If you have respiratory allergies or diseases, then it is time to clean your carpet. Removing germs and bacteria is the best way to live in a clean environment.…

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Attend your festivals perfectly dressed for the occasion


Every time you are getting ready for a festival, you have the right dress and shoes. However, there is one thing that you never get it right: festival jewels and accessories. You keep looking for options, but you have never found the solution. Grace Bijoux is finally getting you ready for the festival in style.

But what does this great house of jewelry promise you?

Jewelry for every festival mood

22jnbkjhfjbEvery festival comes in with a different theme, and you better be synchronized with it. Apart from your dressing, your accessories should make the right statement. Now that wish is in your hands. Get the right piece designed for you and wait to show up for the big day in style.

Great prices for every piece

It is no doubt that you are getting the top of the ranger jewelry and accessories. But that should not be a bother to you. Prices are never the issue here. You will be surprised how affordable things can be over here. Just make your pick and get down to the prices.

Full body jewels and accessories

What are you looking for your festival? If it is full body jewelry, you do have that taken care of. You will have options from your head to the toes. You will be spoiled for choice, as there is so much to choose from.

Unique and personable designs

If you are worried about getting stuff that will be worn by everyone, do not be. Here you will get each piece designed to your unique taste. You will stand out and be ready to answer questions of where you got your accessories.

Unmatched quality

There are jewelries and accessories from other designers then there are ones from Grace Bijoux. The quality is unquestionable and does not compare with anything else out there. Rare and unique gems will be the treat you get.

Ease of shopping

You will not break any sweat shopping for your options. From the shop’s website to Instagram, you can make your order and have it delivered to you in the right time. It is now official that you can get your accessories and jewels from the comfort of your couch. And whatever you choose is exactly what will be delivered to you. It never gets easier than this to shop for your trending fashion: do the talking with your fingers.

How to stand out for festivals

33mfighhChoose jewelry and accessories that complement each other. This will make it easy for anyone to notice your fashion and style. With the many varieties you have here, you will not miss on a piece that will be perfect for your day.
Be bold with your choice. You have no limit to what you can choose. If you are the bold type, you will get exactly that.

Your preference and tastes should play a critical role when making your choice. What more would you require for the forthcoming festival? Grace Bijoux and the entire house of jewelry is calling out to you. Here is where you get body accessories, and jewelry like you have never had before.…

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Skin-care tips for the beauty conscious

There is more than one type of the skin, and to know which category your skin belongs to is the first step to finding the best method of skin care.

Normal skin

If not affected by extreme weather, this skin is the most adaptive and the easiest to keep healthy. It does not aa2345have visible and oversized pores. People with normal skin can also do sports or other sweaty activities without getting their face oily. Only extreme exposure to high temperatures, like doing sun-tanning, for example, will make normal skin look unhealthy.

Starting from the face, people with normal skin might have regular skin-treatment, like applying moisturizer and sunscreen during daylight activity. And during the night, a facial mask for normal skin or hydrating mask might be required. But most of the time, the treatment depends strongly on the weather condition. If you live in the tropics, then applying a hydrating mask is the most necessary treatment. Re-hydration is required due to the high humidity in the tropics. If you live somewhere else, but still depending on the season in your country, a facial mask for normal skin during the night is enough to keep your face looking refreshed and radiant the next morning.

Sensitive skin

This skin type can show mild to severe symptoms of allergy if exposed to allergens. Those signs are getting rashes, itches, burnt-feeling, and even pus-filled bumps on the surface of the skin. There are many allergens for sensitive skin, like dust, pollen, nuts, sun, etc. For some people, even just a small substance of allergen in their cosmetics can trigger the allergic reaction. So, if you have sensitive skin, firstly you must be aware of what the allergens are. The best way to make sure of it is by consulting dermatologist should you ever experience the symptoms mentioned above.

Oily skin

Oily skin shows its trait most visibly on the face. Those with this skin usually also have acne issue and visible pores on the area around the nose. Exposure to heat and doing regular activities during the day is enough to make people with this type of skin have an oily face. If you want to have beautiful skin, check out The 5 Best Vitamin C Serum For Face Reviews: Which Is Really Better? and you will find a suitable solution.

Dry skin

Dry skin looks dry even if the weather condition is not extreme. If you check on the humidity of the weather in your area, and it is below 50%, but your skin looks dry, scaly and rough, then it appears that you have dry skin. Having wrinkles and ridged skin-condition are also apparent traits for people with this skin.


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Tips For Repairing Damaged Hair

Your hair may have lost its allure and become dull for whatever reasons. The hair may start drying out and splitting faster. This can make you feel like you are losing what has been a very imperative part of you. Women value beauty and hair care usually play a pivotal role in beauty. Most people believe that when your hair starts thinning, then you are past your prime. You should not lose hope however cause you cause still find a solution to your damaged hair.

How to can help repair your damaged hair



This may sound weird as it is the last thing you may want to do. You should know that the toughest decisions may give you the best results. You can give your split hair a trim not necessarily a full cut, but just the ends will do. You should try this option before any other drastic remedies.

Avoid hot fix

Curling irons and blow dryers which are known to be dual swords for women can be double edged. Each time you need to go for a party with your friends you race for the curling iron and blow dryer to beat time. Every time these machines save your time, they do so at hefty costs. You should, therefore, consider retiring these machines and reduce the considerable loss they bring to you.


Spare no expense

Some of the products for hair repair can be damn expensive, but if you are willing to get your air back on track, then you should not spare the expenses. You need however check the companies dealing in these products online to ensure you buy the right products that will help you.

Take a break from colors

haircareleftasdfghjk.No one chooses the type of hair they want, and everybody would want their hair to look perfect. This may not be possible without the favorite colored dye. If your hair has been damaged, however, you should avoid these colored dye for some time. You may ignore someone who tells you to do this if it is your best style, but it can be very helpful.

The fact that your hair is damaged does affect your beauty, and you want to get it right on track. Use these simple tips save your hair from splitting and drying out.…

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