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BILO 5/11 – 5/17
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$5 off “Justin Bieber Never Say Never” on Blu-Ray Combo Pack & DVD

My daughter really wants to see this one. So with a sale and this coupon she might just get too.

Print $5 off “Justin Bieber Never Say Never” on Blu-Ray Combo Pack & DVD

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Publix 5/11 – 5/17
Publix 5/11 – 5/17 ad along with coupon matchups can be viewed here

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupon matchups, publix | Category: Publix | 3 comments
Food Lion 5/11 – 5/17
Food Lion 5/11 – 5/17 ad with coupon matchups can be viewed here

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Bi-lo 5/11 – 5/17
Bi-lo 5/11 – 5/17 ad and coupon matchups can be viewed here

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Got IT Now Where Do I Put IT??

I get asked this question alot when purchasing items and when teaching classes. Where do you put it all at?? Of course I donate but I do have a stockpile for my family.
Here are a few places to store items:

Under the bed – Bins that slide under your bed are perfect for soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and other hygiene items. You can also store can foods and cereals there. I used to store chex mix under my bed lol
Under an unused bathroom sink. Chances are, if the bathroom is not used there are things under the sink that aren’t either.
Top racks of children’s closets. In my daughter’s room she too has a walk in closet and I have shelves in there for storing cleaning supplies. Of course she is 13 and knows not to touch it now.
Turn spare rooms you never use in to stockpile rooms. I knew a lady who turned one of extra bath rooms into a storage room, even put shelves in the bath tub.
Turn a corner of your basement in to stockpile corner. You can buy shelves for reasonable prices at Home Depot, Walmart, and Target. I have a big walk in closet/kitchen in our basement, we have cabinets in there just like in a kitchen. So I am able to store lots in things in there! Read more “Got IT Now Where Do I Put IT??” » —->>>

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupons, stockpile | Category: Coupon Tips | Leave a comment
A Guide-Line for Seasonal Sales Using Coupons

I’ve been asked this question so many times, “When is the best time to purchase certain products”? So here is a guideline to go by for sales when using coupons. They are listed by months of the year along with grocery & seasonal items.

January – New Years, Chinese New Year, Super Bowl Sales
Grocery Sales: Roasts, apples, grapefruit, oranges, and pears, breakfast cereal, canned chili, soups, dry bouillon, prepared meals, teriyaki and soy sauce, oriental noodles, lotion, toiletries
Seasonal Sales: Winter clothing & accessories, winter boots & shoes, handbags, white sales, dishes, Christmas clearance, furniture, appliances, computers, storage containers, shelf organizers, planners & calendars, filing cabinets, shelving, CDs and DVDs, cookware, humidifiers, stock up on wedding gifts

February – Valentine’s & President’s Day Sales
Grocery Sales: Post Valentine’s Day candy, apples, grapefruit, oranges, pears, breakfast cereal, food bars, canned chili, nuts, toilet paper, facial tissue, butter, foil, plastic wrap, trash bags, hair color, razors, diapers, soap/body wash, wheat grinder
Seasonal Sales: Furniture, mattresses, semi-annual bedding & bath sales, curtain, rugs, Valentine gifts, snow blowers, last year’s chain saws & lawnmowers, digital cameras, DVD players, radios, CD players, luggage, athletic shoes & clothes, some swim suits, baby item sales, fitness equipment, small appliances, large appliances & freezers, fireplace items, portable heaters, used cars

March – National Frozen Food Month, Macey’s Case Lot Sales
Grocery Sales: Frozen vegetables, meats, breakfast items, and TV dinners. Case lot sales – canned soups, fruit, vegetables, beans, meats, stew, honey, jelly, mac & cheese, Spam, hand grain mill,
Seasonal Sales: Garden supplies & seeds, spring clothing & shoes, last of the winter clothing clearance, toy clearance, jeans, luggage, infant clothing & bedding, winter sports clearance, ski equipment, storm windows, computers, TV’s, Ipods/MP3 players, air beds, laundry appliances, snow blowers, chain saws, Easter clothing, toys, and candy

April – National Garden Month, Easter
Grocery Sales: Eggs, ham, marshmallows, broccoli, cauliflower, Easter candy clearance
Seasonal Sales: Men’s suits/ties, Easter and spring dresses & shoes, paint, digital cameras, luggage, lawnmowers and lawn equipment, chainsaws, vegetable & bedding plants and soil, handbags, jewelry, spring tops and shorts/capris, sandals, trampolines, framed swimming pools, swing sets, pillows, sheets Read more “A Guide-Line for Seasonal Sales Using Coupons” » —->>>

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupons, grocery, seasonal | Category: Coupon Tips | Leave a comment
Wonder If It’s For Real??

Be advised! NEVER share your internet printables unless it is someone you trust. Someone else could copy your coupons and use them. All bricks printables can be linked back to the source. Which simply means they will look at you as the one who copied the coupons not the person you sent them too!!
While most printable coupons are perfectly legitimate, If you ever have doubt about a printable you can always verfy at CentsOff.com and VeriFi.

Be wary of any insert coupons that appear to be photocopied or printable coupons that have the same verification code at the top right.

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupons, Fradudulent | Category: Coupon Tips | Leave a comment
HUGE List of Companies To Email

If you are wondering how to get all those manufacturers coupons home mailed to you or emailed to you, you have to register on their websites for the list or contact them to be put on their list. Here is an amazing list that Mr.C and some others over at WUC has put together.
Remember most of the time they will send you high dollar coupons too.
Another thought to keep in mind even if you tried their product and were not please with the product let them know that too. See they may be like the Mother company to one product but have other products put out by let’s say their children’s company lol so sometimes they will send you coupons from others for you to try.
4 C Foods
7 UP
9 Lives
A Taste of Thai
A.C. LaRocco
Ach Food
Act II
After the Fall
Aidell’s Sausage
Al Fresco

Alouette Cheese
Alpine Lace
Amy’s Organic
Annie’s Organic
Apple and Eve
Argo Starch
Arico Foods
Arm and Hammer
Arrowhead Mills
Aunt Jemima
Baby Einsteins
Bakery On Main Read more “HUGE List of Companies To Email” » —->>>

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupons, email | Category: Email For Coupons | Leave a comment
Tips When Emailing/Writing Companies For Coupons!!

P and G Product Tips – Don’t select the coupons/samples option select general or Other this will ensure your request goes to a human and not get back to a general ‘we don’t sent coupons email.

Con Agra Product Tips – Don’t select the ‘Coupons’ option they will send you a generalized ‘we don’t send coupons email. Select Feedback, tell them why you like or even why you dislike a product and it will go to a human and 9 times out of 10 they will send you a coupon!

May 16th, 2011 | Tags: coupons, email | Category: Email For Coupons | Leave a comment
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