Skin-care tips for the beauty conscious

There is more than one type of the skin, and to know which category your skin belongs to is the first step to finding the best method of skin care.

Normal skin

If not affected by extreme weather, this skin is the most adaptive and the easiest to keep healthy. It does not aa2345have visible and oversized pores. People with normal skin can also do sports or other sweaty activities without getting their face oily. Only extreme exposure to high temperatures, like doing sun-tanning, for example, will make normal skin look unhealthy.

Starting from the face, people with normal skin might have regular skin-treatment, like applying moisturizer and sunscreen during daylight activity. And during the night, a facial mask for normal skin or hydrating mask might be required. But most of the time, the treatment depends strongly on the weather condition. If you live in the tropics, then applying a hydrating mask is the most necessary treatment. Re-hydration is required due to the high humidity in the tropics. If you live somewhere else, but still depending on the season in your country, a facial mask for normal skin during the night is enough to keep your face looking refreshed and radiant the next morning.

Sensitive skin

This skin type can show mild to severe symptoms of allergy if exposed to allergens. Those signs are getting rashes, itches, burnt-feeling, and even pus-filled bumps on the surface of the skin. There are many allergens for sensitive skin, like dust, pollen, nuts, sun, etc. For some people, even just a small substance of allergen in their cosmetics can trigger the allergic reaction. So, if you have sensitive skin, firstly you must be aware of what the allergens are. The best way to make sure of it is by consulting dermatologist should you ever experience the symptoms mentioned above.

Oily skin

Oily skin shows its trait most visibly on the face. Those with this skin usually also have acne issue and visible pores on the area around the nose. Exposure to heat and doing regular activities during the day is enough to make people with this type of skin have an oily face. If you want to have beautiful skin, check out The 5 Best Vitamin C Serum For Face Reviews: Which Is Really Better? and you will find a suitable solution.

Dry skin

Dry skin looks dry even if the weather condition is not extreme. If you check on the humidity of the weather in your area, and it is below 50%, but your skin looks dry, scaly and rough, then it appears that you have dry skin. Having wrinkles and ridged skin-condition are also apparent traits for people with this skin.


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